Improved chalets

It's not a secret that comfortable accommodation and excellent service are the main components of a good holiday. That is why our hotel is constantly developing and improving its accommodation in order to make you feel yourself even more comfortable. Now, we are happy to present you our brand new Calurla chalets, which were designed in accordance with the standards and latest trends in interior and exterior design. Each of our new chalets is equipped with Fire Protection Valve. Since our hotel is located in a wooded area, there is a risk of fire, especially during the hot seasons. But know with our new fire protection system you don't have to worry anymore, the situation is under our control.

Our hotel is the best bet for those who want to get away from it all, to relax and improve the health. Our chalets are located in the perfect place, surrounded by wild wood. So, you have a perfect opportunity to breath the fresh air right on the balcony of your chalet. Our hotel has everything you need for a good vacation. We take care of your health, that is why we have equipped our new accommodations with Automatic Water Filter to provide you with pure and soft water. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, then the menu of our restaurant will be right up your street.

We are looking forward to meet our guests in our new improved chalets. So if you are sick and tired of your busy life, come to our hotel and you will get a new lease of life here.

Also we are providing the new services of cottages rental for a long period of time.
For example if you have decided to spend the whole summer in beautiful place, far from the city and have a wonderful rest it does not mean that you need to go somewhere far from the civilization. Our cottages will be the perfect place for you!
They are located apart from each other, but you can meet your new neighbors in hotel's hall if you want to! You can use swimming pool and other bells and whistles of our hotel too. For your belongings transportation safely we are working with professional St. Albert movers company -, who will be glad to consult you about prices and services anytime you need!

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