Quality Construction: Just Another Reason to Choose Hoshizaki

When it comes to your ice machine, there is nothing more you can ask for than for it to produce ice consistently, so your business has ice when it is required. If you run a bar or restaurant, you know that there is no feeling more disheartening than walking into your establishment to start the day and seeing that the ice machine has not made any ice overnight. With a Hoshizaki ice machine, the quality construction and stainless steel evaporator plate not only keep your machine in good working condition, but they also allow your ice machine to make ice consistency- even in adverse operating condition.

Over time, all restaurant equipment will inevitably break down or wear down to some extent. This is inevitable, and your ice machine is no different. With Hoshizaki however, this does not happen rapidly. With an inferior evaporator plate, other ice machines tend to peel or flake away, leaving ice stuck on the evaporator. This means your ice machine must run for a longer period of time, will produce ice less efficiently, and will not produce as much ice as you expect or require. Hoshizaki's evaporator plate is made of stainless steel though, and stainless steel will not rust, flake, or peel as another company's evaporator plate may. With a Hoshizaki ice machine, production remains more consistent than with any other ice machine, even when air and water temperatures increase.

With any ice machine, the ambient air temperature and the temperature of the water used should be lower in order for your ice machine to create ice to its full capabilities. When temperatures increase, it takes a longer time for ice to be frozen and harvested. Hoshizaki ice machines are least affected by increases in air temperature however, and continue to produce ice at the most consistent rate. Other ice machines may see production fall by up to 30 percent! With Hoshizaki however, the production decrease is usually around half of this number.

Hoshizaki ice machines provide the most consistent ice production, but they are not without a few minor faults. Stainless steel does not conduct heat as well as copper (out of which most other evaporator plates are constructed), so Hoshizaki evaporator plates cool slowly, and ice forms more slowly. This may lead to increased cost of operation, and less energy efficiency. Hoshizaki introduced the CycleSaver design to combat this, and now Hoshizaki KM ice machines produce the same amount of ice in half the cycles when compared to similar ice machines from other companies.

The other minor issue with Hoshizaki is with the location of the evaporator plate. Hoshizaki's evaporator plate faces fewer problems than others, but it can be difficult to access if it ever requires service. Hoshizaki ice machines generally require maintenance less frequently however. These evaporator plates are covered by Hoshizaki's five year parts and labor warranty and can be cleaned with any ice machine cleaner fluid- a quality about which no other ice machine can boast. Other companies' evaporator plates must be washed with nickel safe cleaning products.

Hoshizaki's stainless steel evaporator plates allow your ice machine to produce ice consistently, and to face fewer problems and issues over the lifetime of the machine. If you are looking for reliable ice production even when air and water temperatures are high, you must put Hoshizaki at the top of your list.


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